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White Background

NextEduDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) jointly Initiated by IOST public chain and Prof. Emil Chan, focusing on promoting the development and progress of emerging skills and talent education. By combining technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain, NextEduDAO has built a decentralized, community-driven education ecosystem. This system aims to achieve educational innovation, provide more opportunities for educators, learners, and content creators, and provide a more fair and equitable educational environment.

The emergence of NextEduDAO is based on long-standing problems in the education sector, including educators not receiving sufficient recognition and rewards for their efforts, uneven distribution of high-quality educational resources, and limited learning experiences for learners. By using the decentralized nature of blockchain and the automated execution capability of smart contracts, NextEduDAO is expected to solve these problems. By building and applying NextEduDAO, educators, learners, and content creators will jointly shape and participate in a fair, open, and transparent new education system.

NextEduDAO distinguishes itself from typical DAO by prioritizing knowledge gain over wealth creation. While many DAOs are designed to increase the value of their tokens or generate profits for their members, NextEduDAO is focused on democratizing access to quality education and promoting lifelong learning.

Through blockchain technology, NextEduDAO provides a decentralized platform for educators and learners to connect, collaborate, and share educational resources. The platform is designed to be accessible and inclusive, enabling learners from all backgrounds and locations to access high-quality educational content.

Rather than measuring success in terms of financial gains, NextEduDAO aims to create value through the acquisition and sharing of knowledge. The platform encourages members to engage in collaborative learning and knowledge sharing, promoting a culture of lifelong learning and continuous self-improvement.  By prioritizing knowledge gain over wealth creation, NextEduDAO is helping to bridge the gap between traditional education systems and the ever-evolving digital landscape. The platform is empowering individuals to take control of their own learning journeys and equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the Web3 era.

The DAO co-initiator, Prof. Emil Chan has rich knowledge and practical experience in information technology and financial technology with a strong industry network, and he applies this experience to the construction process of NextEduDAO, committed to making it a platform that truly serves the community, promotes educational fairness and innovation. Meanwhile, with the technical advantages of the IOST public chain, NextEduDAO will be able to operate efficiently and securely, meeting the growing education needs.

Our Initial Projects


NextEDU DAO Community Growth

The NextEDU DAO Community Growth program is a strategic initiative designed to expand the platform's user base and promote community engagement. The program aims to attract new members to the NextEDU DAO community through various recruitment initiatives, such as the creation of ambassador and influencer programs, outreach campaigns, and member referral programs. The goal of the program is to increase participation in community decision-making, promote the creation and sharing of high-quality educational content, and foster collaboration between members. By growing the community, NextEDU DAO can enhance its value proposition, increase revenue streams, and better achieve its mission of democratizing access to quality education through blockchain technology.


CyberWise Program for Better Online Safety

It is an educational initiative designed to promote safe and responsible use of the internet. With the increasing prevalence of digital technologies and online platforms, it is more important than ever to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the internet safely.

The program focuses on educating participants on the various risks and threats associated with online activity, such as identity theft, phishing scams, and malware.

Through a combination of online resources, workshops, and educational materials, the CyberWise Program empowers participants to make informed decisions and take control of their online safety. By promoting a culture of digital literacy and responsible online behavior, the program aims to create a safer and more secure online environment for all.


CyberGuardian Junior Development Program

It is an educational initiative designed to teach young students about the importance of cybersecurity and help them develop the necessary skills to become future cyber defenders.

With technology becoming more integrated into our daily lives, it is important to educate young students about the risks and threats associated with the digital world. The CyberGuardian Junior Development Program does just that, by providing students with a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity and how it relates to their daily lives.

Students will learn how to protect their personal information, identify potential cyber threats, and take proactive measures to safeguard their devices and online accounts.

The program also emphasizes the importance of ethical behavior online, teaching students about appropriate online conduct and how to interact with others in a respectful and responsible manner.

The vision of NextEduDAO is to transform the landscape of emerging skills education and create a fair, open, and efficient learning environment that leads the future of global emerging skills education.

Our vision includes the following aspects:

Building a world-class emerging skills education community - Our vision is to establish NextEduDAO as a global leader in emerging skills education, attracting educators, scholars, researchers, and students from around the world to participate, share knowledge and experiences, and collectively promote the development of emerging skills education.
Promoting innovation and change in emerging skills education: We believe that through blockchain technology and decentralized methods, we can break traditional educational models and promote innovation and change in emerging skills education.  We are strive to use NextEduDAO to achieve fair distribution of educational resources, inspire innovation among educators and learners, and improve the efficiency and quality of emerging skills education.


Providing high-quality educational resources for global high-end talent - to provide high-quality educational resources for global high-end talent, helping them enhance their skills and achieve career development. This includes but is not limited to education and training in areas such as cybersecurity literacy, higher education research Lab, Web3 & Blockchain, Open Entrepreneurship, ESG, and Fintech.

Promoting global exchange and cooperation in emerging skills education - to promote global exchange and cooperation in emerging skills education, share the latest educational research results, and improve the level of global emerging skills education.

In a nutshell, the vision of NextEduDAO is to change the current state of emerging skills education through innovative means, create a fair, open, and efficient global emerging skills education community, and promote the development of global emerging skills education.



NextEduDAO's mission is to leverage the power of blockchain and artificial intelligence to provide high-quality, fair, and innovative emerging skills education solutions that are most relevant in the digital age, starting with basic cybersecurity literacy, and ultimately serving global high-end talent.

Digital skill education - We are committed to providing the most updated educational resources to global web3 talents, helping them enhance their professional skills and achieve career development. Through NextEduDAO's distributed education resource library, we can collect and share high-quality educational content from around the world to provide learners with rich and diverse digital skill learning resources.

Fair education - We use the decentralized nature of blockchain technology to break traditional educational models and achieve fair distribution of educational resources. In NextEduDAO, all educators have the opportunity to create and share educational content and receive reasonable compensation, while all learners can freely choose and access educational resources according to their needs.


Innovative education - We use the power of artificial intelligence to innovate teaching methods and improve educational efficiency. Through NextEdu AI, we can provide personalized learning advice and even one-on-one tutoring to learners, thereby improving learning outcomes.

Support for knowledge creators - We are committed to supporting and empowering educators, allowing them to focus on creating content without worrying about financial pressure. Through NextEduDAO's blockchain-based sourcing mechanism, educators can sell the usage rights of their educational content on partner platforms using smart contracts and APIs, and receive more reasonable compensation while protecting their rights with other knowledge creators within the DAO.

Promoting the development of emerging skills education - We will continue to invest resources and use the more open, fair, and just ecological platform enabled by blockchain technology to promote the development of emerging skills education.

Blue Skies

NextEduDAO's development direction focuses on the following emerging skills education areas.

Cyberspace Security Literacy - With the increasing number and amount of cybercrime cases, traditional top-down approaches to promoting cybersecurity education cannot keep up with the widespread and industrialized cybercrime groups. NextEduDAO addresses this gap by providing a platform for dynamic and flexible content combinations and offering a decentralized trust mechanism for learning records and skills assessment.

Web3 & Blockchain - As a blockchain-based education platform, we place particular emphasis on education in the Web3 and blockchain fields. We will collect and share educational resources related to Web3 and blockchain, including but not limited to basic knowledge of blockchain, applications of Web3, and development of smart contracts.

Open Entrepreneurship - We will launch the Open Entrepreneurship project, which allows community members to learn from the experiences and knowledge of startup CEOs through online learning. This project will cover a range of business management courses, including but not limited to leadership, strategic management, financial management, and marketing management.

ESG - We recognize the importance of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) in modern business, so we will provide educational resources related to ESG to help community members understand and apply ESG principles.

Fintech - Fintech is an important field in modern economics, and we will provide educational resources related to fintech, including but not limited to digital currencies, blockchain applications in finance, and the use of artificial intelligence in finance.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) - AI holds an important place in our education guide. We offer educational resources on AI basics, deep learning, machine learning, AI applications in various industries, and AI ethics to help community members gain in-depth knowledge in this field.



Abstract Background

NextEduDAO is a comprehensive, diverse, and blockchain-based emerging skills education platform composed of several key elements.


NextEdu Network - This is a community of professors, lecturers, researchers, and other high-skilled individuals. Through this network, we can gather global expertise and experience, share resources, and provide high-quality educational content. Members of this network can not only share their knowledge but also learn from others, achieving mutual progress.

NextEdu Lab - NextEduDAO partners with top research labs at universities worldwide to transform the latest research findings into educational resources for our community members. We hope to popularize research findings and enable more people to understand and utilize this knowledge.

NextEdu DAO - This is a decentralized autonomous organization managed and decided upon by community members. In this DAO, every member can participate in the decision-making process, including voting on major decisions such as investing in new education projects or modifying platform rules. This model ensures the fairness and transparency of NextEduDAO.

NextEdu LIB - This is a distributed education resource library that stores all educational resources of NextEduDAO, including course content, research reports, educational tools, and more. This resource library is decentralized, and anyone can access these resources under certain rules.

NextEdu Proof - This is a distributed learning record registry that stores records of learners' participation in NextEduDAO, including the duration of their participation, research records, tool usage evidence, and more. This decentralized infrastructure will empower the future emerging skills education system and change the traditional way of verifying learners' abilities in education.

NextEdu AI - It is an AI-based education assistant that can provide personalized learning advice and one-on-one tutoring based on learners' needs and abilities, helping them better understand and master knowledge. In addition, NextEdu AI can use AI technology to provide new and effective matching methods for employers and employees based on NextEdu Proof's multi-dimensional and reliable learning records.

NextEdu NFT - It is a platform that allows educational content to be transformed into NFTs and sold. Educators can convert their educational content into NFTs and sell them on NextEduDAO. Buyers can obtain the usage rights of the educational content contained in the NFT, while educators can earn revenue by selling NFTs.

Blue Skies

NextEduDAO's development direction focuses on the following emerging skills education areas.

NextEduDAO's value creation model is designed around its Web3-based infrastructure. This means that the value creation model will leverage the advantages of blockchain technology, including transparency, decentralization, and tokenization.

Tokenization and Social Recognition Incentives - NextEduDAO will use its own token to incentivize and encourage community activities. This includes rewarding educators who contribute high-quality educational resources and members who actively participate in community decision-making. Tokens can also be used to purchase educational content and generate revenue for the platform.

DAO and Community Governance - NextEduDAO will use a DAO model for community governance. This means that all important decisions will be voted on by community members, enhancing the platform's democracy and participation. The DAO model can also reduce management costs and improve efficiency.

NFTs for Collaborative Creation and License of Educational Content - NextEduDAO will use NFT technology to build educational content in a way similar to OpenSource. The value transfer of NFTs can create revenue for the platform while also providing educators with a way to earn income through their own efforts.

Collaboration and Funding - NextEduDAO will actively seek partnerships with educational institutions, businesses, research institutions, etc., to share resources and carry out joint educational projects. At the same time, NextEduDAO will also accept funding from these institutions to promote the platform's development.

Openness and Accessibility - Because NextEduDAO is based on blockchain, all transactions and decisions are public and transparent. This transparency can attract more users and partners, enhancing the platform's credibility.

 Value Preposition

Working With the Best Community Partners

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